29 Jan
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Customary Government Bill is passed into law

Assembly as Biafran Legislators just as the people of Scotland elected Scottish activists
into the British Parliament? Do not listen to the blind leaders who have advised you to
boycott the elections. They are double agents serving the APC party in disguise. We
have the right to participate in both the economic and political activities of Nigeria. This
is what the Legal Method of self-determination has achieved for us. At least, we have
been recognized as Biafrans living in Nigeria. The next question is about a defined and
delineated territory. Should the Biafrans have a defined territory within Nigeria just like
Scotland within the UK or outside Nigeria as Eritrea outside Ethiopia? This question shall
be decided in a referendum. Whether freedom as in a confederation where every
region governs itself or freedom as total sovereignty outside Nigeria, MOBIN shall act as
a political watchman to ensure that no stooges or efulefus are planted in our midst by
the Northern and Western Oligarchy to rule over us in any part of Biafraland. MOBIN is
for political and economic emancipation of Biafraland. It is a political pressure group and
not a political party. MOBIN is a human rights political movement of the Biafrans
anchored on Freedom of Speech where everybody can express his political