MOVEMENT OF BIAFRANS IN NIGERIA (MOBIN) is a movement by Indigenous People of Biafra who are the Claimants in the Suit No FHC/OW/CS/192/2013 for both political and economic emancipation of Biafraland who sued in a representative capacity by the human rights organization called Bilie Human Rights Initiative. It was founded by the Vision Bearer of the legal method of self-determination, Barrister Emeka Emekesiri, Solicitor for Indigenous People of Biafra, who has proved to the Nigerian Government that what Biafrans lost after the war was their sovereignty and not their identity as a people. He argued in the Federal High Court that the greatest mistake that Nigeria made was to have spared the Biafrans alive and that if Nigeria had annihilated Biafra just as Rome annihilated Carthage, there would not have been any remnants to seek for the restoration of their ancient country. But since Nigeria failed to annihilate the Biafrans, the law protects the remnants of the Biafrans to rise up again as an independent nation. At Paragraph 1 of the Originating Summons, he defined these remnants as Indigenous People of Biafra inhabiting the three contiguous regions of the South East, parts of the South-South and parts of the Middle Belt of Nigeria. This is the only definition we have in the Court records in the Nigerian Judiciary. This remains the definition of Indigenous People of Biafra and their geographical habitation as given by the Solicitor for Indigenous People of Biafra until Nigeria proves otherwise. The acronym for the nation is IPOB. It is the identity of the nation of Biafra. This is the nation that is in Court with Nigeria. It is not the same as the limited liability company called Indigenous People of Biafra Limited registered by somebody in the UK. The Vision Bearer proved in Court that we are Biafrans by indigenous identity but Nigerians by citizenship which was forced upon us against our will. We are still Nigerians using the Nigerian Currency, Nigerian Passport, Nigerian Driving License, etc, until we gain independence. Therefore, let nobody deceive you by saying that he is not a Nigerian citizen and yet using the Nigerian Passport and Nigerian Driving License. We are Biafrans living in Nigeria until we gain independence from Nigeria. We must be obedient to the rule of law. We are protected by both national and international laws regarding our right to self-determination. We have established a home-based movement for political and economic emancipation of Biafraland called MOVEMENT OF BIAFRANS IN NIGERIA which by its name identifies us as Biafrans in Nigeria.

By virtue of the ongoing case between Biafra and Nigeria in the Federal High Court of Nigeria on the subject of self-determination and other issues for determination, the Biafrans are protected by judicial immunity and have the right to organize themselves, manage themselves, govern themselves, and conduct their affairs within Nigeria and in the whole world as a people until they gain independence. We do not know how long the case will last but as the case progresses the Biafrans have the right to pursue their political and economic interests as a people within Nigeria and outside Nigeria even though they are not yet sovereign. The requirement of international law is that a people seeking for independence must be organized. The Vision Bearer has informed us that a nation is different from a nation-state. We are a nation but not yet a nation-state until we gain independence and become sovereign. For this reason, we have become organized as a people under the Customary Government headed by the Supreme Council of Elders. We have set up our home-rule under the Nigerian customary law known as the Customary Government of Indigenous People of Biafra with physical geographical address in Nigeria. We have also set up the IPOB Customary Government Agency for International Relations and registered it with the United Nations to sign treaties and bilateral agreements. We have obtained the international trade mark for the Biafran Government and set up an organization registered in Nigeria to market the products made by Indigenous People of Biafra. All these activities are within the ambit of the law. MOBIN shall create employments for all Biafrans, old and young, women and the youths, so that nobody will be idle in Biafraland. This is our chance for economic empowerment.

On the political front, it has been observed that since after the war, Biafraland has been put into political and economic slavery through the laws and policies made by the Nigerian Government. Our opponents have engaged in the politics of enslavement by which the Northern and Western political godfathers impose their errand boys on us. Therefore, for the political emancipation of Biafraland, MOBIN has entered into an alliance with the United Progressive Party (UPP) to ensure that stooges and efulefus will no longer be planted in our midst by the Northern and Western Oligarchy to rule over us in Biafraland. You can describe MOBIN as a political watchman. Enough of the efulefus and stooges who serve their masters in the North and West at our detriment! True Biafrans must be elected to rule in Biafraland. MOBIN believes in the rule of law, politics and diplomacy to achieve self-determination. We have observed that some politicians from the North and West have used their double agents in the Biafran Struggle to influence the Biafran activists by advising them to boycott the Nigerian election so that the APC Party would win again in Biafraland. They did the same trick in 2015 and stopped most of the Biafran activists from voting for Dr Goodluck Jonathan and promised them that Biafra would come in 2015 if they did not vote. They have come again with the same old tricks. But this time, they have planned to impose a Biafran vagabond efulefu anointed by the North and West to become the next President of Nigeria so that they would say that an Igbo man has become the President of Nigeria! We have observed the prominent Igbo politicians joining the APC Party instead of joining the UPP which is in alliance with MOBIN. If the Biafrans listen to these double agents and boycott the elections and refuse to elect Biafran activists into power in the whole Biafran territory, then our enemies will take the opportunity to plant their stooges again in our midst to continue to enslave us. We are aware that some Northern and Western Politicians and Past Leaders of Nigeria are now singing the song of supporting and electing an Igbo man to become the next President of Nigeria. We are not excited about it because it is another trap to keep us in Nigeria. Nevertheless, we respect the political opinion of everybody. The question posed in the book written by the Vision Bearer titled “Biafra or Nigerian Presidency- What the Ibos Want” has become the paramount national question that requires an urgent answer now. The book holds the answer! The book is available online on Amazon Bookshop (both hard copy and electronic version) at

The Biafrans are united in their quest for Freedom through the exercise of their right to self-determination but divided into two groups regarding the type of Freedom they want. One group wants to have Freedom within Nigeria just as Scotland within the UK while the other group wants Freedom outside Nigeria. The truth is that the Biafrans must be properly organized as a people to seek for whatever type of freedom they want. MOBIN has come to harmonize the diverse opinions by engaging all Biafran intellectuals in robust debates in free and fair atmosphere where nobody will be insulted or abused for holding a contrary opinion. The Biafran Movement has entered into the hands of intellectuals and elder statesmen. MOBIN is gathering together the Biafra Intelligentsia to take the Biafra Struggle to the final level. At the moment, Biafra has been restored as a people but without a delineated territory yet. At the moment, we can only govern ourselves by customary law but not by statute law until the Customary Government Bill is passed into law. Who will pass the Biafran Bill into law if we do not elect the Biafran activists into the Houses of Assembly and National Assembly as Biafran Legislators just as the people of Scotland elected Scottish activists into the British Parliament? Do not listen to the blind leaders who have advised you to boycott the elections. They are double agents serving the APC party in disguise. We have the right to participate in both the economic and political activities of Nigeria. This is what the Legal Method of self-determination has achieved for us. At least, we have been recognized as Biafrans living in Nigeria. The next question is about a defined and delineated territory. Should the Biafrans have a defined territory within Nigeria just like Scotland within the UK or outside Nigeria as Eritrea outside Ethiopia? This question shall be decided in a referendum. Whether freedom as in a confederation where every region governs itself or freedom as total sovereignty outside Nigeria, MOBIN shall act as a political watchman to ensure that no stooges or efulefus are planted in our midst by the Northern and Western Oligarchy to rule over us in any part of Biafraland. MOBIN is for political and economic emancipation of Biafraland. It is a political pressure group and not a political party. MOBIN is a human rights political movement of the Biafrans anchored on Freedom of Speech where everybody can express his political opinion without being tagged a saboteur.

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